Connestee Falls Bocce

BOCCE—a game of the ages, and a game for all ages—is played with enthusiasm by dozens of Connesteeans in both league play and privately. All residents, associate members, and renters are eligible to play in the league.

The fundamental aim is to make these games enjoyable, providing an opportunity to socialize while enjoying a gentle group sport. The two courts, built in 1994 by community volunteers, are conveniently located in a wooded grove between the swimming pool and the clubhouse. Three Bocce leagues are formed each year: Spring, Summer, & Fall.

Men and women play together on teams of four. Teams are formed randomly at the beginning of each season, giving everyone a fair opportunity to be a winner. The Bocce group leadership also plans and offers special events and activities. These include a "Wine and Cheese Party" for those who have never played Bocce before.

For a relaxing, friendly, and a challenging event, it's hard to beat a game of Bocce in Connestee Falls.